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Ultrasonic Aggressive Dog Deterrent Repeller DAZZER Delhi India

Ultrasonic Aggressive Dog Deterrent Repeller DAZZER Price- 6000/ Code:- 21


The DAZER is a compact handheld ultrasonic dog deterrent designed for use by the general public to protect yourself from aggressive, unfriendly dogs. Walk, jog, bicycle, work and enjoy the outdoors without having fear of stray, unfriendly dogs. This device also helps stop the neighbors barking dog.
How does it work?
The DAZERs output startles the approaching dog causing most to stop, move away or stay in place allowing the user to avoid contact with the animal. Effectiveness of the DAZER is based on emission of sound and many factors that can determine its performance. The distance from the dog, age, temperament and training of the animal can all affect the reaction of the animal.

  • Made in the USA, 100% quality assured
  • Deter unwanted dogs up to 20 ft (6 Meters) with just pushing a button
  • Stop the dog approaching you before it can bite you
  • Easy to use, just point and push the button
  • Ergonomical design makes It comfortable to hold in your hand
  • Silent to humans, other people won’t be bothered
  • Molded of high impact ABS plastic for durability
  • Has a belt clip for easy carrying on pocket, purse or workbag
  • Red LED indicator shows battery level and proper function
  • Compact and lightweight high impact plastic
  • Built in activation button only requires minimal pressure
  • Safe since it can not be used by a mugger or a thief against you
  • Helps keep other stray dogs away from your own dog while walking
  • EPA Registered - CE Registered
  • Battery included, Long life 9V battery lasts six months to a year (3 year shelf l ife)
  • The DAZER is the perfect personal protection device and makes a great gift for anyone that encounters dogs on the job or during their outdoor activities.
  • GREAT FOR: Joggers - Walkers, Delivery people, Mailman, Meter Readers, Sales people, Bicyclists, Police, Inspectors, Fire / Rescue.


Ultrasonic Aggressive Dog Deterrent Repeller DAZZER
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